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Anka Anka Anka Anka

Pumping Alien
Techno Music Producer
Hamburg, Germany

Pumping Alien is a collaboration of the techno producer Roelof Berg from Hamburg in Germany with the vocalist mero_di from Wales. Our tracks are specially crafted building blocks for club DJ-sets that combine the hypnotic feel of pumping raw techno with a positive and driving vibe.

We design each tune for a certain purpose (build/peak/opener ...). Our mastering is highly optimized for club-rigs, and our arrangements are building slowly and intense over time - just as you need it for the club.

Since 2021 Production of positive vibing Raw Techno as "Pumping Alien" with releases on Technological Records, Sunora Recordings, The Acid Mind Recordings and Old School Music. The track Extraterrestrial Survivor was featured in the Abyss Radio Show, which is played via FM radio in several European areas.

2017 - 2021 Production of housish Techno music as "niki_di" with releases on The Acid Mind Recordings and Altrove.


Vocal Artist


Mero Di has a professional music production education and when she's not contributing to Pumping Alien, she produces beautiful rock ballades on her own.


Anka Gonsalves
Vocal Artist


Anka is a photo model and a real Techno music enthusiast. From time to time she provides vocals for Pumping Alien.

She is also the bravest whoman I know, facing a motion cinema ready real-life drama when she moved from Russia to Georgia.